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Welsh Government 'Claim What's Yours' campaign


Thousands of people in Wales are entitled to more benefits

Families across Wales are feeling the strain on their household budgets due to the rising cost of living, making that extra bit of help more important than ever.

Many people are unaware they may be entitled to benefits that could offer them the support they need.

If you are unsure about what benefits you can claim, Advicelink Cymru can help you check and claim what’s yours.

Get in touch with one of their advisors today by calling their free helpline on 0808 250 5700.

Nest scheme Wales


If you need a new boiler and you’re worried about your finances, it’s a headache you don’t want. But thankfully it’s one you can avoid with the Nest scheme, available to people living in Wales.


So how can Nest help?

Nest was created so everyone can enjoy a warm home and it provides incentives and benefits to achieve this. It’s part of the Welsh Government Warm Homes programme, and offers free, impartial advice which can help you change the way you use your energy and lower your energy bills. You may also be able to get free home energy efficiency improvements, such as a new boiler or insulation.


Am I eligible for free energy efficiency improvements?

There are certain criteria for you to meet in order to get these improvements. These depend if:

  • You own your home or rent (from a private landlord)
  • Your home costs too much to heat and is energy inefficient
  • You or someone in the home is on a means tested benefit, has a chronic health condition, and is on a low income

Of course, these are just some of the criteria. When you speak to one of the advisers, you’ll be able to go through things in more detail.


How to apply for Nest Wales

In order to apply for Nest, you need to call their Freephone 0808 808 2244 or complete the call back form available on the Welsh Government website.

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