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New to Welsh, try our Welsh learner packs

Wefanau defnyddiol am dysgu Cymraeg - Useful websites for welsh learners.


Bitesize - Welsh Language Daily sessions

Welsh lesson - Beginner - Pronunciation 1 - Short and long vowels

How to pronounce short and long vowels in Welsh Gwersi Cymraeg hefo Gwyneth - Welsh lessons with Gwyneth! Register here to stay informed about my upcoming co...

Welsh lessons: Pronouncing consonants

How to pronounce several sounds in Welsh, e.g. ch, ll, rh... includes some words and place names to try out! Gwersi Cymraeg hefo Gwyneth - Welsh Lessons with...

Welsh lessons - Beginner - How to pronounce LL

How to pronounce the LL sound in Welsh, also known as the voiceless alvelor lateral fricative! Never again will you need to worry about how to say Llanberis ...

WC - 30.3.2020

Adnoddau/Resources - Letter "i"

Phonics - Learn to Read | The Letter 'I' | Journey Through the Alphabet! | Alphablocks

WC - 27.4.2020

Worksheets for CVC words using the vowel U

Learn to Read | Vowels | Letter 'U'

Use this video below to help you with your CVC words using "U".

WC - 11.5.2020


Precision Teaching - Geiriau "Ch"

Sherlock Spell - Gweithgareddau Wythnosol - Weekly Activity




Adnoddau / Resources - Silly Sentences