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Everyone Matters, Everyone AchievesPob Un Yn Cyfri, Pob Un Yn Cyflawni

Llythrennedd / Literacy

Pause the film after 4 seconds showing the picture of the boy and his grandmother.

• What do we call a child who has no parents?


Pause the film after 11 seconds when the house is shown.

• Do we know any other stories set in a house in the woods?

• What type of stories often include orphans and houses in the woods?


Watch and rewatch up to 32 seconds just before he finds the hat.

• What words does the narrator use to describe the forest?

• What sounds does he hear?


Pause the film after 41 seconds when the boy finds the hat.

• Who do you think this hat may have belonged to?


Pause the film after 1 min 12 seconds when the narrator has described the creatures.

• How do you think the boy is feeling?

• What creatures can we see?

• Can we carefully describe some of the creatures?


Pause after 1 min 30 – when the boy is admiring the caged creatures.

• Why has the boy put them in the jars and cages?

• What does he like about the animals?

• Do you think it is right to keep animals locked in cages?


Pause the film after 1 min 49 seconds when only the normal birds came.

• How do you think the boy is feeling now?

• What other words do we know for sad?

• What things can make us sad?