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Arbrofion Gwyddonol- Sience Experements


Arbrawf blodyn dau lliw wahanol 

Science Experiment for two coloured Daisy 




COLOR CHANGING FLOWERS Easy Kids Science Experiment

A fun and easy science project for kids of all ages! Learn how quickly flowers drink water and what effect food colouring has on their petals.

 Arbrawf Gwenynen 

Bee Experiment 




Arbrawf tywydd gan defnyddio Pine Cone

Weather experiment using Pine Cones  



Pinecone Hygrometer - Experiment of the Week

You might turn to your local meteorologist for your forecast. How about a pinecone?

Arbrawf Lliw Dail

Leaf Colouring Experiment 





Leaf Color Chromatography

Why leaves change color in the fall and an experiment to visualize their pigments!

Arbrawf Cydbwyso Pili Pala 

Balance Butterfly Experiment 




Cydbwyso Pili Pala - Balancing a Butterfly