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Ysgol GynraddCalon Y Cymoedd

Everyone Matters, Everyone AchievesPob Un Yn Cyfri, Pob Un Yn Cyflawni

Cyfnod Allweddol 2

Calendr Chwefror/February Calendar

Wythnos Lles/Wellbeing Week

This has been taken from the Emotional Literacy Support Page - The link is below


Our Wellbeing characters are ready to teach pupils all over the country. Each day has a focus to help pupil’s wellbeing.

  • Mondays we look at being ‘mighty’

The focus is on bravery and confidence. Pupils will focus on that strength of character and will find ways to increase their confidence and bravery.

  • Tuesdays we look at being ‘thoughtful’

The focus is on being thoughtful and kind. How they can help others and think about other people’s feelings.

  • Wednesdays we look at ‘wishes’

The focus is on goals and wishes. How they can set a goal and reach that goal. How that will make them feel.

  • Thursdays we look at ‘thankfulness’

The focus is on gratitude and looking for those little things we appreciate. This will help their positive outlook on life.

  • Fridays we look at ‘friendship’

The focus is on friendship and how connecting with friends is important for their wellbeing. It will also look at qualities of friendship.

  • Saturdays we look at ‘self-care’

The focus is on looking after minds and bodies by doing things that make them feel good.

  • Sundays we look at ‘successes’

The focus is on celebrating their achievements that week. If you look hard enough there is always something to be proud of.

Her Gartref/Home Challenge

Adlewyrchiadau Lockdown/Lockdown Reflections

Lle Diogel/Safe Place

Mae gan bawb Ofidau - Llyfr 

Covid-19 story book, ‘Mae gan bawb Ofidiau’’-


We believe it will be a useful tool to help parents talk about the subject with children and help them to manage their emotions, especially with the return to school.


Oxford University Press and Rily have worked together with the author Jon Burgerman to provide this digital resource, free of charge, to the end of 2020. Here is the link to the English language e-book -

Gallwch Ddewis/You Can Choose

Ymarfer Corff Actif 8/AYPD Active Workout 8

2020 Lockdown Reflections/Adlewyrchiadau Lockdown 2020

Ymarfer Corff Actif 7/AYPD Active Workout 7

Ymarfer Corff Actif 6/AYPD Active Workout 6

Calendr Lles Mis Mehefin/June Wellbeing Calendar

Wythnos Iechyd Meddwl 18.5.20-22.5.20/Mental Health Awareness Week 18.5.20-22.5.20

Mae'r wythnos hon yn Wythnos Ymwybyddiaeth Iechyd Meddwl. Mae'r thema wedi newid i Garedigrwydd oherwydd y pandemig coronafirws. Byddem wrth ein bodd os gallech rannu unrhyw luniau o'r plant yn dangos caredigrwydd tuag at eu hunain neu eraill, gartref neu yn y gymuned fel y gallwn rannu a dathlu pwysigrwydd Ymwybyddiaeth Iechyd Meddwl.

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme has changed to Kindness due to the coronavirus pandemic. We would love it if you could share any pictures of the children showing kindness to themselves or others at home or in the community so that we can share and celebrate the importance of Mental Health Awareness.


Ymarfer Corff Actif 5/AYPD Active Workout 5

Gweithgareddau Lles/Wellbeing Activities

Gêm - Fy Hoff / Game - My Favourite

Gweithgareddau Synhwyraidd/Sensory Activities

Ymarfer Corff Actif 4/AYPD Active Workout 4

Ymarfer Corff Actif 3/AYPD Active Workout 3

Calendr Lles Mis Mai/May Wellbeing Calendar

Her 60 Eiliad/60 Second Challenge

Ymarfer Corff Actif 2/AYPD Active Workout 2

Rholiwch dau ddis ac ateb/Roll two dice and answer



Gweithgareddau Ymlacio/Relaxation Activities

Ymarfer Corff Actif 1/AYPD Active Workout 1

Gweithgaredd Ymarfer Corff / Physical Education Activity

Her Lluniau / Photo Challenge

Gweithgareddau Lles 2 / Wellbeing Activities 2

PE With Joe | Monday 20th April

Cosmic Yoga

Esboniad i rieni / Explanation for parents

Welcome to Cosmic Kids! Yoga and mindfulness for kids. Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed specially for kids aged 3+, used in schools and homes all over the world. * Stream all our videos ad-free: https://...

Kids Yoga for Anxiety - feel calm & relieve stress!

Find your centre with this selection of calming kids yoga adventures to help ease worries and anxiety. Let me know how it goes for you in the comments below ...

Techneg Tapio

(Emotional Freedeom Technique)

Rydym yn defnyddio'r dechneg tapio yn yr ysgol i helpu gydag emosiynau negyddol.

We use the 'tapping' technique at school to help with negative emotions.

It's easy to's how...and why!

Mae gan rywun rydw i'n ei adnabod Coronavirus/Someone I know has Coronavirus

Cyswllt cymdeithasol - stori gymdeithasol / Social contact - social story

Rydyn ni gartref ar hyn o bryd - stori gymdeithasol / We are at home right now - social story

Mae ein hysgol yn cau am gyfnod - stori gymdeithasol / Our school is closing for a while - social story

Gweithgareddau Lles/Wellbeing Activities

Calendr Lles - Ebrill/April Wellbeing Calendar

Coronavirus - stori gymdeithasol / Cornavirus - social story

Roll a positive question / Rholiwch gwestiwn postif