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If I have a question about work, what is the best way to message the teacher?

Os oes gen i gwestiwn am y gwaith, beth yw'r ffordd orau o gysylltu â'r athro/athrawes?


The best way to message the teacher is via dojo.  Please be patient when waiting for a reply. Our teachers are currently doing additional volunteering work at the local Hwb whilst also managing their own childcare.


I have a Hwb login, but don’t know what to do with it - can you help?

Mae gen i gyfrinair Hwb, ond dydw i ddim yn gwybod sut i'w ddefnyddio - ydych chi'n fodlon helpu?


HWB has many different uses for pupils, the website can be found here:

Foundation phase can use Hwb for J2E - here you will find different age-appropriate apps that work on a computer and a tablet. The JIT app is particularly useful for Foundation Phase pupils.

From HWB, KS2 pupils can access Google Classroom, Office 365 (including their personal email), J2E, Encyclopedia of Britannica and many more apps.


Will the teachers be adding more to the home learning apps as the weeks go by?

A fydd yr athrawon yn ychwanegu rhagor o apiau dysgu adref dros yr wythnosau nesaf?


The website will be updated over the coming weeks however, we are very conscious not to add too many apps and websites at the same time. The main focus should be the Home Learning menu which is carefully planned by the teaching staff.


Is this the to be completed weekly, fortnightly or termly?

Ydy'r gwaith yn cael ei osod yn wythnosol, pythefnosol neu yn dymhorol?


The Home Learning menu will be updated fortnightly. We suggest that pupils complete a maximum of three Home Learning tasks a day (KS2), these can be a mixture of activities from the home learning menu and suggestions from the Home Learning Website.


What is the time limit for completing the work?

Beth yw'r terfyn amser i gwblhau'r gwaith?


There is no time limit. We understand that these are unprecedented times for us all. We certainly don’t wish for parents to feel any additional pressure in completing work on top of their own working needs.



Could all the work be shared on one platform?

Ydy popeth yn gallu mynd ar yr un platfform?


Pupils, especially KS2 pupils are used to using a wide range of platforms in school such as Seesaw, HWB, Google Classrooms. In school, they use these confidently. We feel that it is important for children to continue using a range of platforms to present work and not rely on one platform only. Different platforms give different options on how to complete and present work. If you are having problems with any of the suggested platforms then please do not hesitate to contact us.