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Llythrennedd / Literacy

Todays introduction 01/06

Still image for this video

Chwaraewch y ffilm a rhewi ar ol 20 eiliad. (Play the film and pause it after 20 seconds.)


Trafodwch y canlynol: (Discuss the following - think of vocabulary in Welsh


• Which character do you think this is?

• Can you think of any adverbs to describe how he moves?

• Use similes or metaphors to describe his appearance.


 Pause the film after 52 seconds when Rock rests his head on his arm.

• Who is Rock watching?

• Describe how Paper is moving.

• What does Rock think about Paper?


Pause after 1 minute

• How does the director use music and sound to signify danger?

• How could we get the same effect in our writing? Pause the film on the close up of Scissors’ face

• How could we describe Scissors’ face?


 Pause the film at 1 min 25 when Rock grips Paper’s arm.

• If he could speak what do you think he would say to her now?

• What punctuation would we need to use to write it down. Play the next couple of seconds and asks why can’t he hold on to Paper’s arm?