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Martin Luther king

Flanagan and Allen - Run Rabbit Run.wmv

On the farm, every Friday On the farm, it's rabbit pie day. So, every Friday that ever comes along, I get up early and sing this little song Run rabbit - run...

Learn how to Swing Dance! | DANCE at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing! Grab a partner and twirl around with this upbeat dance epidemic of the 40s in DANCE!. Learn 5 other iconic ...

Prosiect Dyniaethau


Bwydydd yr Byd


Beth am geisio bach o waith ymchwil am wahanol bwydydd o gwpas yr byd?

Allwch creu bwydlen,coginio a blasu.

Yum yum !

What about going on an adventure around the World cooking and tasting as you go?

you could create a menu, cook and taste all the amazing foods from your chosen country? 

Yum Yum !



Uchod mae yna pwer pwynt sydd yn llawn syniadau o wahanol bwydydd, Dogfen bwydlen i chi lenwi mewn a clips YouTube pobol yn coginio i helpu sbardino chi.

Felly 1,2,3 barod, Coginio!

Below there is a power point full of ideas of different foods from around the word, a document including a template of a menu, and YouTube clips to help inspire you !

so ready, steady cook! 


Youtube's Prosiect Bwydydd y Byd

Bwydydd y Byd 1

Banner cyntaf ein brosiect Bwydydd y byd, Allwch chi ddyfalu pa gwlad mae en buo i ?


Dogfennau defnyddiol am prosiect bwydydd y byd.

How to make healthy bolognese in 10 minutes - Eat Happy Project recipes for children

This Italian favourite makes the perfect family meal. Click play and let's cook spaghetti bolognese together. Download the recipe here: http://www.eathappypr...

How to make a tasty flatbread pizza in just 15 minutes - Eat Happy Project

Everyone loves pizza, but these are extra-special because you can personalise them! Click play and let's cook along together. Download the recipe here: http:...

How to make juicy BBQ burgers in 14 minutes - Eat Happy Project recipes for children

This DIY version of a children's favourite is the perfect addition to a summer barbecue. Download the recipe here:

Easy veggie enchiladas | The Tesco Eat Happy Project

Looking to get the kids more involved in cooking? Follow this easy recipe for veggie enchiladas - a simple, delicious family dinner we've put together with h...

Prosiect Ymchwil am Grefyddau -  Mini Project about different religions



Beth am geisio bach o waith ymchwil am grefyddau o gwmpas y byd?


Why not engage in a mini project about world religions?



Casgliad o adnoddau defnyddiol...

A selection of useful resources....

Blwyddyn newydd tsienieadd🇨🇳

Mae'r flwyddyn newid tsieneaidd yn agos iawn. Beth am ddysgu mwy am y flwyddyn newydd tseineaidd?


The Chinese New Year is fast approaching. What about learning more about the Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year | BBC Teach

For teachers' notes and more: In this film a young member of the Chinese community in the UK tells us about the festival of Chinese New Year and why she enjoys it so much... The 15-day festival begins with spring cleaning: everyone joins in with cleaning the home ready for the New Year.