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Fideos Meddwlgarwch

Bubble Bounce! Mindfulness for Children (Mindful Looking)

🧠Slow your racing mind and improve your focus.

Rainbow Relaxation: Mindfulness for Children

Enjoy this breathing activity! Made to put a smile on your face and relax you. Aimed at children aged 5-11.

Thought Bubbles! Mindfulness for Children. (thought awareness)

Blow your thoughts away today! Ever feel that your mind is too busy? Do the 'Thought Bubbles' video to blow them away.😌

The Body Scanner! Mindfulness for Children

A super relaxing lying down body scan! Great for your emotion check-ins or the end of the school day.

A Mindful Moment- 30 Second Breathing Exercise. SUPER SHORT & SIMPLE!

A short and simple 30 second breathing exercise, a mini mindfulness session.